2009 Subaru Legacy - Odd electrical issues

Just yesterday as I was driving home from work my car started dying. I noticed this because the battery check light was on so were the contraction lights on and also when I tried to turn my windshield wipers on they were barley moving. So I barley made it to O’Reilly’s and they looked at it and said the battery needed to be charged, so they had to jump start my car and try to charge my battery but they couldnt because the Alternator wasn’t working. So I left it in the parking waited for my ride to try and help me and when I turned it on everything was working fine and I made it home but keep it mind when I was going to O’Reilly’s, everytime I slowed down the car would barley get going. So I just want to know why it happened.

There could be an intermittent problem with the alternator or the wiring to it and the battery. Both the battery and alternator should be checked out. Depending on their condition, they both may need to be replaced.

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The alternator is dying, and unless you replace it very soon, it will probably kill the battery also.

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Okay, I had Nappa also checked the Alternator and they ran every test on it and they said it was fine but now after I put back it, its starting to act the same way it was before when my car died.

If the alternator checks out fine on the bench but it doesn’t work like it should in the car, that means you have a wiring problem in the car. The main output lead to the battery could have a problem or the ‘lamp’ lead may have a problem. Make sure the battery warning light turns on when you turn on the ignition. That lead supplies power to the exciter inside the alternator.