2008 BMW X5 - is it the alternator?


Hello helpers!

This morning while I was driving to work, my 2008 X5, 4.8i (85000 miles) all of the sudden lost power, all lights dimmed with a lot of warning signs (4x4, transmission, ect) illuminated and the car just slowly died within 2 minutes!! The windshield wipers turned on by itself and it could not be stopped!! I HAVE HAD THE VEHICLE STALLED 2X in 2 weeks and the mechanic could not find anything wrong with it!!

Is it a bad (or heated) ALTERNATOR that can result in shut down of various systems or the complete vehicle?? The car is towed to the mechanic shop again!

Please help!!
Happy New Year 2020!

Possibly but not likely plus the car will give you a red warning light if the alternator is failing. Did you see a red warning light? Is the check engine light on?

The car is in the shop, let the mechanic do his job. If he can’t find the fault, take it, or tow it to another shop or maybe the dealer.

I had a friend of mine experience similar symptoms in X6 he bought new.
It was under warranty at a time, car was not leaving dealer’s repairs bay for weeks and months, multiple occurrences.
They never were able to fix it properly, problem was returning time after time.
After 2 years of this disaster, he unloaded the car at big loss, since his lawyer was not able to win the clear lemon case.
In your case, @JustinVo, make sure you know the limits on how much you allow spending on this before pulling the trigger.
It is a vry expensive to fix car, 12-years old, and it s well past the warranty period.