2008 Aveo is getting poor mpg

I should be getting a minimum of 24 mpg around town, I’m only getting 19 mpg. 38k miles, great condition runs well, no problems on engine diagnostics. Any ideas? Just bought used from a Chevy Dealer…They can’t figure out why the mpg is so low

Are your tires inflated correctly?

Other than tire pressure it could also be your foot, although many people do not like hearing that.

Take the car on a road trip at steady highway speeds and check the mileage after several hundred miles. That will give you the best indication of what’s really happening with the MPG.

Where did you get that 24 mpg number? Is it a city or highway estimate?

Cars vary and drivers vary more. You could have a car that is on the low end of “normal” and or your driving style and or your driving conditions (highway/city) may well mean nothing is wrong, but you are not going to get 24 mpg.

What do you get on the highway with the cruise control on and not driving too fast?

I agree with the others. Check your tire pressure, but driving style and environment vary so widely that the “city” mileage can only be taken as a general guide. The better guide to whether you’re getting correct mileage would be a long summer’s drive (or two or three) on the highway with cruise control on.

What is your highway mileage and how does that compare with with EPA estimates ? Too many variables. Any car can get any mileage “around town”. You really can’t count on those figures giving variations in driving habits. We’ve had several of these questions and it’s all in your driving habits if your highway mileage is reasonable.