2008 Acura MDX knocking under the hood

I guess I don’t disagree but still, a couple years ago I took the car to the dealer for a recall item. No problem but the kid said I had two oil leaks. One in the front and one in the back and one was really bad. I never had any oil consumption and noticed no oil on the garage floor. Of course repair of the front and rear seal requires pulling the transmission for I suppose $800-$1200. Still I crawled under and took a look and saw nothing. Then I went to a trusted shop I used and they put it on the lift and looked and nothing outside of a little residue. Still use maybe a half pint of oil between changes. I suppose it’s like cancer or death that eventually everyone will experience but the simple fact that a dealer says there is an oil leak would not throw me into a panic. Losing all oil in a month though is unusual and if the oil leak was that bad, bells and whistles should have been going off at the dealer and the customer taken to the car to show the catastrophic oil leak. I continue to suspect a loose filter, unrelated to the identified oil leak.

Which is where the idea of a second opinion comes in. The second shop could’ve found the improperly tightened filter, as well as the oil leak if any.