2008 Acura MDX knocking under the hood

I recently had an oil change, tire rotation and balance on December 11th, and Thursday January 9th, on the way home, I started to hear a knocking noise from under my hood, even when I press the accelerator, I feel it through the accelerator, not to mention the pulsating that I’m also feeling.

Just a guess, but sounds like a broken motor or transmission mount.

You’ve verified that the oil level is correct, right?


If it were me… I’ve have the car towed to my mechanic to check out. Don’t start the engine.

You may have some serious internal engine damage already.

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^This. In that situation I’d immediately pull over, shut off the car, open the hood, and start checking fluids. The noise might be related to the recent oil change or it might not but best to start with the basics.

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There was no oil in it, from the oil change.

I took it back Saturday and they claim they checked over what they did and saw nothing wrong. They did an oil change, tire rotation and tire balance. But yet said I had an oil leak 12/11/19, now they don’t know where the leak is coming from 01/11/2020. But they told me I had a oil leak the first time I took it there, that I didn’t have before I got there. Now all of a sudden they don’t know and yes I have had 2 other shops say its the engine.

It sounds like you do have engine damage, then. Did you get an estimate for repairing or replacing the engine yet? If not, unfortunately you’ll have to expect the repair to be in the thousands of dollars.

In the future, you need to check your oil more often. If you suspect you have an oil leak, you need to check it before every drive.

No I haven’t gotten an estimate yet. As for checking my oil, I always check my oil, as well as transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and tire pressure, I am mechanically inclined, enough to know how to check most things under my hood, thanks to my dad and brother for teaching my how, when I was growing up that’s why I was shocked that it was without oil. It just sucks that people will try to take advantage of a female, thinking she doesn’t know how a vehicle works, but unfortunately for them I know and so will they. Thanks again for the advice, one thing for sure, they will never work on my truck ever again!

Let’s see. You were informed that your vehicle had an oil leak and you check your oil regularly but somehow the engine managed to lose most if not all of its oil without you noticing. Pardon me but something doesn’t add up. Substantial oil loss, probably at least 3 quarts, in a month is serious and noticeable.


My point exactly

How often and is it on a schedule ? I check mine once a week and on trips every morning before leaving the motel.

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Perhaps you need to check it more often.

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So how many days/miles elapsed between the last time you checked the oil (at which time presumably it was full) and the catastrophic breakdown of your vehicle? A week? A couple of days? 100 miles? 500 miles?


I’m late to the party here but all I would have said was to check the oil level and maybe replace the filter with an OEM Honda filter for $5 in case it was a Chinese brand without the proper by pass valve.

No point piling on but what is missed is what the oil level was when the oil was changed and supposedly filled again. I do my own but checking the level before leaving the dealer is a good practice. I’d suspect either they didn’t fill it up or the filter is defective baring an actual inspection of the engine to see where the heck the oil leak is and how bad it is. Problem now though is there are too many ifs for them to be able to wiggle out of a new engine. Really I guess it’s a matter of putting in a used engine and then trying to take the dealer and their insurance company to small claims to recover the loss. You’re gonna have to decide if it’s worth the risk or not or just trade cars. likely depending on the analysis, you’ll end up footing most of the bill in the end.

@Bing brings up a good point . . .

I’ve known people to ruin their engines using cheapo white box filters :frowning_face:

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The bottom line is that I didn’t have the leak before I got there and they know it. You can try to critique it how you want.

So if you want to win this thing, you have to be very clear and precise so that what happened can be understood by a non-mechanical person.

What leak? Where was/is the leak? How did it happen in the custody of the dealer? When did the dealer know it? Did they tell you? Did it get worse after they had it, and so on. Just like in Journalism class, you write a one page explanation, then go through it and take out all the extraneous stuff that doesn’t make sense or add to the explanation. So maybe you had a leak and still do, but maybe that’s not the leak that caused the oil loss. Maybe the filter was loose? Ya gotta find out for sure what happened.

As Bing says, we need more details, as the OP has been quite vague. In fact, I don’t really even know what she wants from us here. Regardless, I think she’s looking to blame the shop, but I’d guess that the shop isn’t at fault here.

Sorry but no. You weren’t aware of a leak prior to the shop telling you. You wouldn’t blame the dentist for a cavity, right? When you were informed of the leak you could have done two things: Start checking your oil religiously. And if you had doubts about the diagnosis take the vehicle to another shop for a second opinion. You had a month to get another shop to look at it and you apparently didn’t. That puts at least some of the responsibility in your lap. You still haven’t said how far you drove or how much time elapsed between the last time you checked your oil and when the calamity occurred so it’s a bit hard to speculate.