2008 Acura MDX battery dies after sitting

We have a new to us 2008 Acura MDX. It’s a third car because we have six people in our family and occasionally want to all ride together. This means the car doesn’t get started every day. If we wait three days, the battery is dead. The first time this happened , the battery tested bad, so we got a new one. But it has happened twice since then. The new battery checks out fine after we jump the car. We’ve been told that some cars just need to start every day because of the computer, etc which are always on. This true.? Or might something else be wrong? I’ve left my other car at the airport for 10 days and it started right up. How annoying it would have been at midnight if it hadn’t. Annoyed

You have what is known as a parasitic draw. The car should be able to sit for a month or 2 without driving and still start.

Most of the elctronics in the car draw a little from the battery even when off. Some device is drawing too much power because it doesn’t think it is off or it has an internal short. Your mechanic can do a parasitic draw test to find and fix the problem. Expect to pay for this test and then for the repair.

If the MDX has a non Acura radio, remote starter or alarm system, expect one of those to be the offender.