2008 Accord VCM

Does anybody have any info on the 2008 Honda Accord V-6 VCM issues? VCM= Vehicle cylinder management, where the engine shuts off 2-4 cylinders for fuel efficiency.

Many new owners are bemoaning this system

while others say they have no issues.

There hasn’t been one of those systems that has become popular with the owners. They don’t seem to work well enough to make people happy enough to brag about them.

The 4-cylinder Accords are very well thought of. They have a lot of power for a 4-cyl. You won’t be disappointed with it. Test drive one to make sure it’s for you, though. It gets about 3 MPG better than the V6 engine with VCM.

Take out a V6, too. We can guess whether you will like it all day, but a test drive on the highway will tell you whether you mind switching fro 6 to 3 to 4 to 6 cylinders.

I bought a 2007,and considered the 2008,but being a new model year with this VCM feature i was leary.
I read that some 2008 owners were unhappy with the rough transition between the cylinders shutting down and turning on. Thought i’d ask here.

"…i was leary. "

Timothy! Where have you been? Surely the Astral Plane. (sorry, grampy. I just couldn’t resist)

I have had my V6 for a year and I really dislike the VCM. I dont know how anyone could like it. It is very obvious when it does its thing, and dont even need to look at the econo light.

It is downright DANGEROUS when it shifts up and down in heavy traffic because the car surges suddenly and you distracted by the performance change.

Yes, I have taken it to he dealer three times & am told either that is normal or they didnt notice anything. Evidently Honda regards irregular perfomance as normal.