2007 Volvo C70 - Will Volvo back me up?

I have an oil leak. brought into a mechanic and the oil is all over drip pan and also is spraying oil . haven’t got the full solution but it looks like it could be seal at crank case. Is this a common problem? Big expense? Does VolVo stand behind this kinda problem? I have 48000 miles!

13 years old, so Volvo has no obligation for anything.


I understand that . I had a 2001 Toyota Highlander that had over 100,000 mi on the engine started blowing blue smoke and Toyota stepped up and rebuilt the engine for free and gave me a loaner for 6 days. I guess it all has to do with if this is because of something they did or is it just you know what happens.

Why come here and ask that question? Why not ask the Volvo dealer?

You didn’t come here to find out about your Toyota did you?

No they won’t cover it.

The Volvo is 13 years old and Volvo should not perform a free repair.
How old was the Toyota when the engine got repaired? I suspect far less than 13 years.

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Admittedy, this was many years ago, but when my Volvo began consuming a lot of oil when it was about 4 years old, the manufacturer refused to provide any assistance. Similarly, they did not come to my aid when the transmission began leaking shortly after the end of the warranty period.

So, based on my experience with a far-younger Volvo, I doubt very much if the mfr will help with repair expenses on your 13 year old vehicle. That being said, I also doubt if any other manufacturers would do so with a vehicle that is this old.

Hi Rugfuz:
In the 1998-2001 years, Toyota had a design defect in their engines that caused accelerated engine sludge and premature failure. After numerous attempts to deny blame from all the lawsuits against them, they finally admitted to the problem.

I would guess your engine was replaced under that “one time event” Toyota program. I’m not aware of anything similar with Volvo.

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