2013 Volvo XC70 - Big problem

The READ unit on our 2013 XC70 (100k miles) is failing. Is this a rare occurrence? Is this a Volvo design problem? Will Volvo mitigate the problem in some way? We’ve been quoted a READ repair of $5900 and an engine replacement of $7500.

It’s a Volvo engine design.


Why would Volvo do anything for a ten year old car that youve clearly gotten your moneys worth from?


While I empathize with the OP, I really doubt if any car manufacturer would help with repairs on a 10 year old car that is long out-of-warranty.


Precisely :slight_smile:


I doubt it. By way of comparison, there is an NHTSA investigation of a fuel line leak on 2008-2010 Chevrolet Cobalts. The investigation was opened over 2 years ago. I doubt that NHTSA will do anything about this despite having 210 official complaints registered on their website. Age is very important in determining whether Volvo will do anything about your problem just as it is for Chevrolet to mitigate the cost of new fuel lines for every Cobalt still on the road.

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I’m not seeing any indications of a systematic design problem. I doubt Volvo Corp will be able to provide much help, but no harm to ask your local Volvo dealership for a favor; inform them politely, in return you’ll be more likely to buy a Volvo next time. You may get a discount on the repair fee anyway.

I presume the the READ system’s complications allow the engine to fit in a smaller engine compartment. That seems a good benefit.

While you may be right about the manufacturer refusing to help an owner of a 10-year old car with 100,000 miles, surely you jest about the “gotten your money’s worth” part. A reasonable person expects a car to last for much longer than 10 years, and much more than 100,000 miles. This isn’t the 1970’s anymore, when cars supposedly lasted for less than 100,000 miles before needing major repairs.

I consider “getting your money’s worth” out of a car when it is over 20 years old, and has been driven at least 200,000 miles. This person got bilked. Even the cheapest economy cars last longer than this Volvo, both in years and in miles driven.

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Reasonable versus knowledge, knowledgeable know euro-lux vehicles should be traded in when the bumper to bumper warranty expires.

Now, back to the OP vehicle.

I take it this is a FWD vehicle wit “auxiliary “ RWD, can the READ system be disabled, rear drive shaft remove, then driven as FWD? This question is to satisfy my own curiosity.

As far as the OP’s question about mitigation, not from Volvo, but if the OP has an extremely great relationship with the dealership, the might give him/her a small break on labor. But unlikely.

The READ system has nothing to do with the drive train.

The gearbox READ assembly links the timing chain and drives the alternator and the serpentine belt that runs the A/C compressor, water pump, and power steering …


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Ah, thank you. So, the rear end auxillary drive has nothing to do with the rear end☹️

No, its the rear end of the engine.

The E. Vehicle owners are going to be in for a bit of a surprise then!