Volvo: do I need a new engine because of sludge?

I have a Volvo XC70 2000. I bought it used in 2003 with 51,000 miles on it. The car had many small and bigger issues over the years and even though I suspect I bought a lemon I liked it when it ran with no problems (please do not try to find any rationality there…). But:

Two years ago my oil pressure light came on and when I took it to the dealership(not the one where I bought it), I was told the car needs a new engine, because the existing one is full of sludge and doesn’t work properly, because, as they told me, I having been changing oil regularly. But this is something I was doing almost religiously, every 3000, maximum 4000 miles. We brought the car to our original dealership and they fix it by replacing a oil pump and some tubing.

The car engine was running fine for last two years(and there is about 85,000 miles on it), but yesterday the oil pressure light went on again. I brought it to our original dealership (I had it towed) and later I was told that the engine is covered with sludge, cannot work properly and needs to be replaced (at the cost apx. $9,000). And again I was told I wasn’t changing oil properly, which is not true. I definitely don’t want to put a new engine in the car, the cost almost exceeds the value of the car itself. Also, shouldn’t the dealership be partially responsible, because they did not fix this problem originally?

So, can somebody can give me an opinion or advice?


If this was my car I would try try using some Auto-RX. I think this is a very good solution to the problem and it works very well. Check out the feedback from people that had the same trouble you are having.