What is this funny noise?!?


My Pontiac Vibe has said its first word!

It started out as a metal on metal clinking sound when I was going over 35mph. Now it makes the sound whenever my foot hits the gas.

Im guessing its the timing chain…is this a big deal and will it cost me an arm and a leg?

2003 Pontiac Vibe

46,000 miles

Thanks all!


Too soon for timing chain (Does this vehicle have one? Toyota switched from a belt to a chain, but I don’t know when.). Maybe something loose around the engine. If it makes this noise when out of gear you have a good chance of finding the problem by just listening with the hood open.


Is it sort of a rattling sound, like ball bearings in a can? I’m wondering of it’s simply pinging. Not good, but that would change the suggestions to things like an EGR system malfunction.


Could be a converter shield rattling. A big band clamp could keep it quiet.


To soon for a timing belt but possible. Yes it is a big deal and expensive