2007 Toyota Tundra check engine light

Check engine light, vsc light are on and brakes are on my Toyota Tundra 2007,5.7 litre

Good morning. Did you have any symptoms of trouble? Any diagnostic codes?

Take the truck to any local auto parts store and have them scan for codes. After that you may have an idea why the warning lights are on.

The codes I got are p0418, p0419,p2437, p0300, VSC light. Check engine light and Hi/Lo.
Will be grateful if you could let me know the possible causes.
Edmund Christopher Amoah

DTC’s P0418, P0419, P2437, all have to do with the secondary air injection system.

DTC P0300 is for random misfires detected.

The Vehicle Stability Control light is on because it won’t function as long as the Check Engine light is on.

The DTC code P0300 could be caused by the secondary air injection problem.


There is a problem with water intrusion into the secondary air injection pumps, this leads to failure of the air injection pumps and air injection switching valves. Toyota has extended the warranty for this problem with the secondary air injection system to 10 years/150,000 miles however it seems to have expired for your truck.

Here is a link to the service bulletin for repair details for the air injection system failure;

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