2007 Toyota highlander hybrid replace transmission cooler

In July I had to have my radiator replaced, no accident or anything, it just all of a sudden started blowing steam after I backed out of a parking space in a retail lot. Now my husband noticed it dripping a reddish fluid. I took it back to the dealer where they did the radiator repair and NOW they say it is leaking from the transmission cooler. The car is only 6 years old! It seems very odd to me that both these things have gone within a few months? The car has approx 126,000 mi. The dealer is saying that it is corrosion, but could it have happened when the radiator was replaced? I don’t really trust the dealers, and only took it back there to see if it was related to the radiator work they did earlier. I don’t know if this could have been dripping since the radiator was replaced?

Unfamiliar with this vehicle. Many vehicles (probably most) the tranny cooler is the lower part of the radiator. When you replace the radiator…you’re also replacing the tranny cooler. But SUV’s and trucks (especially if you have the towing package) have separate transmission coolers. The separate tranny coolers can cool a lot better and are needed if you do any type of towing. Your vehicle may have a separate tranny cooler…not sure.

It could be related to the replacement of the radiator…or it may just be a coincidence.

I suggest you forget the dealer…and find a good local mechanic. Especially since you don’t trust the dealer.