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2007 Toyota Corolla - Headlight switch

where in witbank can one get headlight switch fixed

Almost any independent mechanic.

witbank ? Not everyone is going to know where that is and if it the only one in the world.

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AFAIK Witbank is a town in South Africa. I have no idea what mechanics might be available.

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A Toyota dealership should be able to do that for you, but I presume there’s not one locally. So the next step is to ask your friends, relatives and co-workers for independent shop recommendations. This is going to be a locally done job so while searching the internet might turn something up, you’ll probably have to ask the locals. From what I’m seeing the replacement part runs about $250 (US), and the job takes about 1/2 hour. In other words while it isn’t a big job, but has to be done by somebody who knows how.