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2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Brake troubles

Yeah, Toyota has no responsibility for their dangerous cars, they could deal well with the brake system issue, and sell the dangerous cars to customers. Toyota is murder for every customers who had bought a Toyota car. I did not know if other OEM had this issue to kill people, never heard and experienced VW, NISSAN, FCA, Ford, GM, PSA, BMW had this bad case. But only Toyota company can do this bad thing!

Never never buy Toyota bloody car!

You have no idea how carmakers deal with 13 year old cars. Nobody would do any different than Toyota did for you, outside of a recall.

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There are 10 recalls for the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. None if them are for the ABS system, or any other part of the braking system.

I’m sure they’ll be unhappy that they lost you as a customer… Or at least, they would be if you were a customer. :wink:

Get the stupid thing fixed. It’s not Toyota’s fault that it failed to break within the 10 year warranty period.

If you won’t buy a Toyota because they’re too unreliable for you, you’re in for a massive disappointment when you go shopping other brands…


I think you work for Toyota, you love Toyota’ s dangerous car, that is your choice, for me it is not possible to buy it .

I just want to remind everyone that we are only supposed to provide responses that will make the OP happy, even if we provide bogus answers. Here is my response:

I believe that this is an obvious conspiracy that was cooked-up by Toyota, to kill everyone who bought one of these cars when it hit the age of 13. Most likely, there is an electronic clock embedded somewhere in its electronics that carries-out this mission for them. Now, the OP needs to contact the Prosecutor for his jurisdiction, and have him file attempted murder charges against this evil auto company.

However, I also feel it is my duty to point out that the simple expedient of wearing an aluminum foil helmet while driving might resolve the problem.


Dear VDC drive, your address sound more specific, I agree with your points.

I can not believe any OEM will tell the customers their car Saftey system could be covered once it hits 13 years old or 10 years old. Does not anybody know Toyota Camry Brake Systemy killed passengers? How many complaint here? Toyota did not know they had not any this dangerous case??

Doesn’t Toyota have any responsibility to recall this dangerous car? Toyota told me this car is out of their warranty service, so I have to fix it by my expense, they are now cleaning their hands even though this car almost killed me! Where is the customer right? Why we have to buy Toyota’s car?

The good news is that you don’t have to buy one!
May I suggest a Ford Pinto?


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I’m glad that you agree with me!

Why are we beating this to death? What we have is simply an owner of a 13 year old car who is angry that he is being charged money to fix something that failed after thirteen years!! The OP is an example of the folks who expect their cars to run forever needing only scheduled maintenance.


Maybe it’s just me, but this is one of the most ridiculous complaints I have ever read here.


Crud, you caught me. I’m actually Akio Toyota. I’m really just here to sweep Toyota problems under the rug. That’s why I’ve been hanging out here for years, just waiting for you to come along, and it didn’t even work.

Oh, I’m also Bigfoot, and I’m the alien that helped the Egyptians build the pyramids.


Did you also build the statues on Easter Island ?


Aw man. That wasn’t supposed to get out. Now I’m gonna have to send the Illuminati to ritually sacrifice you at Stonehenge.


I will be more specific to the Toyota owner: Take the car to a very reputable brake repair shop. Tell them exactly your symptoms completely, such as lights, sounds, etc. Demonstrate how it fails. Ask the repair shop to carefully diagnose the system, and to save all the parts when it is repaired. Ask them if they will define the problem as serious enough to generate a recall. If they do, contact NHSTA with a written report, and let the government argue with Toyota. Save all your receipts and save your communications. If you really think this is a serious problem that is Toyota’s fault, you need to take these actions so that other people are safe. Don’t just complain to a forum that is not able to take any action.


And how well was it maintained from the previous owner? Did they abuse it? Did they have any brake issues?

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This whole diatribe of yours is a joke right? You’re punking us,right? No one that lives in this country for any length of time and is familiar with our society, knows that out of warranty, second hand cars carry no warranty. Or, are you really that ignorant?


Thank you this friend for right points, will do that.