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2007 Suzuki SX4 - Noise in engine

My Suzuki sx4 4x4 is making noise in the engine, i have changed the engine pulley but the noise is still there. what can i do?

We can’t hear the noise. You need to describe the noise in words. Does it make the noise only when car is moving? Does it get louder if the the engine goes faster? Does it ever change? If it does, what makes it change? Be as descriptive as you can, because we are not coming over to look and listen to it. Is the check engine light on?

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WHICH engine pulley?

Engine Pulley for the timing belt and alternator .

The noise is continuously . The moment you switch it on it starts. But it still runs . It pushing the oils in the plug as well

This does not make sense: “It pushing the oils in the plug as well”. You need a mechanic.

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Also, the timing belt does not drive the alternator or share a pulley with it.