my o4 mercury sable is making a noise it sounds like its one of the pullyes on the belt area can any one tell me what it might be it a grinding almost

It may be anything that rotates on the engine.

One trick that often works is a length of garden hose ( about 3 feet ). Use it like a stethoscope. Find the source of the noise.

Just be sure that you are not wearing a necktie or any dangling jewelry when you lean over a running engine.

You can pull the belt and rotate each of the accesory pulleys by hand. The pullies should move perfectly smooth (no sound, no grabing, no pulsing). The pulley off the engine will not move so don’t be concerned with that. This can’t be ignored, it will get worse until the faulty pulley starts to turn slower than the rest and will throw off the belt and you will suddently lose power steering. While your at it thoroughly check the belt for wear.