2007 Subaru Forester CEL and flashing cruise control light

On my 2007 Subaru Forester (100k miles) the CEL light is on and my cruise control light is blinking (cruise control does not work in this condition). Computer scan indicated front O2 sensor failed and my mechanic replaced it. No joy. Computer scan reported 0 data from EGR valve–replaced it. No joy.

Car runs great. I am considering taking it to a Subaru dealer, but have read other discussion groups where people with same issue keep replacing parts with no resolution. Any ideas from this community?

Many thanks,

For the record, no trouble code tells you to replace a part. They can tell you there is a problem with the circuit. The parts can be tested before they are replaced to confirm that the part is indeed sending a bad signal. Otherwise, if the part tests good, the circuit can also be tested. I’ve seen many people waste money on expensive sensors only to find out the problem was a chaffed wire or loose connector.

Sage wisdom, BustedKnuckles… Thank you