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2007 Subaru Forester - CEL, MAF, MAP

Dear Ray,

I hope you can help…help, help. I have been going round and round with my check engine light for a year or so without any answers. After the light came on, again, which cancels the cruise control, I took my car to a local mechanic. Actually SHE is my neighbor and I never knew she worked on cars. She did all the usual tests and so we replaced both the MAP and MAF sensors. Previously two 02 sensors had been replaced.
I should say that this is a 2007 Subaru Forester that I purchased, used, from the dealer 4 years ago and now has 100,200 miles on it. Since purchase I have replaced the head gaskets, replaced the transmission and too much more to mention. Yes, I wish I could get a new vehicle but they all have gotten too big to fit in my garage, Four inch clearance on each side is a bit too close for comfort.
I finally took the car to the dealer for the check light and they said I needed the MAP sensor… ‘already did that’ and I came prepared with a statement from my mechanic (am so excited to finally be able to say ‘I have a mechanic!’) stating all the testing and replacing she had already done. They still insisted I must purchase a MAP sensor but I refused since I was, by then, pretty sure my original never needed replacing, it is just the first thing that shows up on the testing. The dealer kept the car for a week and finally said I needed a new wiring harness which would be $1,000 for parts and labor. I bought the harness for my mechanic to put in but while waiting for it the car ran fine for 3 weeks with the check light off. I managed to get them to take the harness back.
Now, every now and then the check light will be off. When it is off I can use the cruise control until it comes time to either step on the brake or cancel the cruise control. I would really like to be able to use the cruise control and stop the flashing light on the dashboard that tries to tell me I can’t use the cruise. I seem to have narrowed the problem down to the cruise control/brake/harness or something along those lines but the dealer and my mechanic don’t know where to go from here.
Do you know something they all don’t?

I offer this with respect to your situation and as a fellow Forester owner and Subaru fan. If possible for you in your financial situation, the place I would go is to a car dealership if this were my issue with a car now 12 model years old. To buy a new or -pre-owned car. This seems like the kind of problem that is going to cost you more in worry and anxiety than the car is worth. If new, I would shop Subaru, if used fits your budget better, I would not.