2007 Silverado dealer recommended services


I just had my 2007 Silverado 1500 with 24,000 miles into a Chevy dealership for a 3000 mile regular oil change and service. They recommended I also get the following:

Transmission Flush-$189.95, Brake Fluid Flush-$149.95 and rear differential service-$199.95. First question-Are these services necessary and how would I check? Second question-If so, which is the most important? Third question-Do the prices seem reasonable?

Thanks so much! Mary

Check your owner’s manual. I usually wait until 30K miles before I do these, but I would also go by the owner’s manual. One caution: owner’s manual may not mention transmission service, but many of us here believe it is worthwhile if a pan drop and filter change is also done first. You may also find a quality independent mechanic to do these services (nothing Chevrolet-unique for these) cheaper. In order of importance to me: brake fluid exchange, transmission service, and rear differential. First two I would do at 30K. See what owner’s manual says about rear differential service and follow it.

Your owner’s manual should say when this stuff needs to be done. Check out the maintenance section. Unfortunately, dealerships take advantage of the fact that most people don’t read their owners manual. They have to pay for the LCD TVs somehow, I guess.

You can have all this work done for less at an independent mechanic, btw.

Thank you. I did read the manual and should have mentioned it. It calls for service at 30K. You mention pan drop and filter change first. Is this what is done in a transmission flush or done first and then a transmission flush is done?

The pan drop and filter should be done first, then a transmission fluid exchange follows. This combination gets the most amount of ATF out.