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2007 sentra starting problems

my wife’s 2007 sentra wit 2 liter 4 cyl. has an intermittent starting problem. at random times, more often in the cold, it will crank strong and not start. while cranking it will not sputter or seem to attempt to fire at all. at some random time later, it will start without problems. the car has around 70,000 miles ,otherwise runs fine and does not have a check engine light on.

How long (miles and months) since the last time the plugs & wires were replaced? Is there any connection to the weather (like humidity or rain?)

How about the fuel and air filters? When were they last repaved?

never had a fuel filter as it’s not on the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule yet. has air filters replaced at recommended intervals, so last time was 60,000 miles if memory serves. the only weather factor is that it seems more frequent in the cold. original plugs and wires as they are also not on the maintenance schedule.