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06 Sentra getting hard to start

I have a 06 Sentra I bought new and at 70K miles it seems the starter has to turn more to start after the motor is warm. It starts fine on cold starts and starts after I turn it off briefly, but after setting for more than 10-15 minutes it is slow to start. Do I need a tune up of plugs and wires?

“2002-2006 Sentra With Long Crank Time Before Start”

That’s how Nissan describes a problem for which they have published Technical Service Bulletins and Revisions. It outlines for Nissan Technicians how to deal with complaints of crank times greater than 3 seconds.

The fuel pump / fuel level sending unit “module” has to be removed from the vehicle and dissasembled. Then it gets reassembled, installing the contents of a kit, Nissan part # 22670-8U70C (Fuel Pump Repair Kit) and a new Fuel Tank O-ring is used, Nissan Part # 17342-01A00.

It looks like the kit comes with new “packings” for the fuel pressure regulator and the pump, and maybe even a new fuel pressure regulator (I can’t see the contents), all parts of the module.

[list]I’m not sure this is your problem, but it is a possibility. [/list]
[list]I don’t know if the fuel tank has to come out. According to a smallish labor time, maybe not.[/list]
[list]I’d talk to an experienced Nissan Tech on the best way to disgnose / proceed. [/list]
[list] Maybe some of the “Car Talk Regulars” here could put in their two-cents worth on this matter.[/list]

Good luck, CSA

Certainly, change the spark plugs. You don’t believe that propaganda about the spark plugs lasting 100,000 miles, at implied 100% efficiency, do you?
And, change the air filter at every 35,000(?) mile interval.
The TSB is not a required repair. It’s a repair if your independent mechanic thinks it needs it. I might not want to repair/modify a fuel pump with 70,000 miles on it; rather, replace, if necessary. One balances the factors of cost, time, etc., to make a decision.