2007 Scion using oil

Valvoline high mileage synthetic 5W-30 is a very good oil for the 2az-fe including its timing chain. Also the replacement Aisan 28030 pcv valve is significantly different than the original 28030 so the best thing to do is to soak the original valve in WD-40 overnight and put it back into service. Carb cleaner and brake parts cleaner will not clean the valve as good as WD-40. All-metal pcv valves can be cleaned and reused indefinitely. One quart of oil loss every three thousand miles should be considered very good luck for Tc owners.

The intake pipe to valve cover hose is an inlet not an outlet. Crankcase vapor is never designed to flow past the throttle.

Are you certain of that?

If an engine develops some blowby, fumes will come back up that fresh air vent, especially with high loads and speeds.
That’s how throttle bodies get dirty.