Oil consumption in 2007 toyota camry le

The service department at my Toyota dealer is telling me that it is normal for my 2007 Camry LE to consume 1 quart of oil for every 600 miles driven under normal city driving conditions. Does this sound like it could be possible? If so, why isn’t this a headline?

They may consider oil consumption like this normal but I don’t. Consumption like this is caused by a leak or the engine is burning it.
With the latter that is usually a valve seal and/piston ring problem.

Oil burning is determined by mileage, oil change regularity, any overheating episodes, if the PCV system is functioning correctly, etc.

What would I do? Run a compression test for a start (both dry and wet) and possibly a leakdown test. While these tests are not 100% definitive when it comes to checking piston rings it’s the only thing there is short of an engine disassembly.
There is no test possible for valve seals. Those are a replace and pray part.

If you have a compression test performed you might consider posting any results back. You would be amazed at how many mechanics even misinterpret this.
Ideally, what you’re looking for on an '07 (assuming engine is decent) is about 185 PSI per cylinder during a dry test. Hope that helps.

Estimates are just that… City driving (which city) i.e. a taxi cab? will use more oil than highway driving the same vehicle. But toyota’s burn a little more oil so best to keep an eye on the “dip stick” LOL… depending where you live you may ask toyota what heavier oil viscosity would be okay, too if you mostly drive in the city. Also keep an eye on the cooling system!!

Consumption isn’t ideal but again a toyota… could be better but then as mentioned maybe a leak. So you lay some news paper under car…


My experience with Toyota’s has not been consistent with Binkman’s comment. Current Camry goes without using much oil for 4000 miles. It has 73K miles on it.

It depends where you live galant… I live in the south and a quart per 1000 miles is average… “average” My brother’s land cruiser needs a quart every 800 miles and engine is in top shape.

Dip sticks are just a crude measuring devices. Unless you actually do a complete oil change and account for every ounce of oil including the filter at 1000 miles with another change, then you can ball park oil consumption within a couple of ounces.

I don’t live in the south…but it sure as heck gets hot here in NH during the summer…and I’ve only owned one car (Chevy Vega) that burned anywhere close to 1 quart every 1k miles. I don’t consider 1 quart every 600 miles GOOD…

No, a consumption rate of 1 qt per 600 miles is not good and is not normal for any 4 year old Toyota with which I am familiar.

That being said, we need to know the maintenance history–in detail–of this engine.
If the OP has used extended oil change intervals (either on the basis of odometer mileage or elapsed time), and/or if he/she has a history of not checking the oil dipstick frequently, and/or if the wrong-spec oil was used, then it is very possible that a consumption rate of 1 qt per 600 miles is the result of those mistakes.

Another possible cause is an engine that was “babied” during its early “break-in” period. If the engine was never exposed to some brief episodes of moderately high revs, then it is very possible that the oil control rings never seated properly.

“City driving … will use more oil than highway driving the same vehicle”

My experience over 31 years of car ownership has been the opposite.

“toyota’s burn a little more oil”

My 2006 Matrix didn’t use any noticeable amount of oil in 4800 miles (longest OCI it’s ever gone).

“I live in the south and a quart per 1000 miles is average”

I’ve driven across the Southwest US in August twice in cars with fairly high mileage and oil use was no worse than road trips across the Northern states in temperate conditions.

“Dip sticks are just a crude measuring devices”

After sitting over night I can read the dipstick and easily tell if the oil level has changed one cup.
Seems plenty accurate for the task at hand, IMHO.

The latest Toyota manuals, where 5W20 is recommended, state that one quart per 750 miles is normal. Your oil usage is worse than that. As others say, have it checked out, and unless you are using 5W20 mineral oil in a WELL WORN engine, your usage is abnormal.

You haven’t told us how many miles are on your Camry. If you have over 180,000, the piston rings may be worn. If you have less than 100,000, this is rather excessive oil consumption for a modern car. Back in the 1950s, Consumer Reports tested cars and noted oil consumption. Some new cars back then only achieved a rate of 1 quart every 500 miles. Improvements in engines and oils have been so good that CR doesn’t note oil consumption.
I bought a used 1971 Ford Maverick in 1973 and it was using a quart of oil every 300 miles. I took a chance on new valve stem seals and the oil rate improved to a quart every 1200 miles which was acceptable to me.
You might want to place a large sheet of cardboard under the car at night and check for an oil leak. I had a 1965 Rambler which I purchased in 1965 with 7000 miles on the odometer. I had to add a quart of oil every 500 miles. I put a sheet of cardboard under the car and found that it was leaking oil. The dealer replaced the valve cover gasket under warranty and that cured the problem. However, every 2 years I had to replace the valve cover gasket. On that car, the gasket was less than $5 and took about 15 minutes to install–a 1 beer job.
Also, for some reason, some cars get better oil mileage on one brand of oil over another, even though the oil is of the same viscosity. On my 1971 Maverick, after I had the valve stem seals replaced used a quart of 10W-40 Sunoco oil every 1000 miles, but when I switched to Valvoline 10W-40, it used a quart every 1200 miles.
If your Camry has done this since it was new, it’s probably too late to get Toyota do anything. Some engines seem to use oil from the start. I put a new short block on my one cylinder push type lawnmower a couple of years ago. I have to add oil every other time I use it. Another mower we have has never used a drop. If your problem isn’t valve seals or a leak, it probably makes the most sense economically to just live with the situation.

The latest Toyota manuals, where 5W20 is recommended, state that one quart per 750 miles is normal.

This engine for that year the recommended oil is 5w30.

So the 1 Quart per 600 miles would NOT be normal.

My '88 Escort with 518K miles doesn’t leak/use that much oil. I’d never buy a new car where the manufacturer says a quart every 750 miles in normal.

The Owner’s Manual for my wife’s 2006 Sienna (3.3 V6) states that 1 Qt/1000 miles is acceptable during the break-in period. The van is now 5 years old with 45k miles and there is no discernible drop in the oil level between changes (5k interval).

A sticking PCV valve can cause an increase rate of oil consumption. Replace it for a few dollars, it’s worth a try.

Try a different dealer.

I have very little issues with either my Toyota, nor my VW. After a service (every 5K), I top them both to the top of the mark on the dip stick, and I don’t have to add any oil to either one of them until the next service. The VW has 106K at the moment, and the Toyota is just over 140K.

Of note, I also believe that “coddling” the motor is a sure way to end up with problems. I use them. Truth be told, I drive the heck out of both of them. I’ve had almost no major problems, and only a couple wheel bearings (one on each vehicle). Services are absolutely done on time, and I go from bumper to bumper on each one every time. I can afford to spend some time in the garage with a few beers on a Saturday. Good enough reason for me to BS with the neighbors. :slight_smile:

I know of no car where 600 miles/quart is ‘normal’. As others said, check the PCV valve and other systems to see what’s causing it. No leakage? No smoke out the tailpipe? It’s got to be going somewhere…

The manuals are going to state that a quart of oil every 800, 1000 miles, etc is normal and acceptable because no way on Earth is a car maker going to admit that it’s abnormal.

This would kill them on warranty claims and create a lot of bad PR for those cars out of warranty.

@ Bunkman; I am in CA desert, so pretty hot for the most part. I do my own oil changes every 3500-4000 miles. I fill it to full and it is at full when I drain it. Measuring what comes out is not practical and nor better. There is some left in the filter and some that sticks to the drain pan. I wipe it off with old rags. At worst it might use 0.5 qt. Hell my 2000 Caravan with 130K miles does not need any topping off in 4K either. It seeps some through various gaskets and the total is about 0.3 qt in 3500 miles.