2007 prad diesel crank sensor

Does anyone know can a crank angle sensor just go without warning on a 2007 prado 3 ltr diesel?

I am not familiar with the specific crank sensor you cite, but yes, crank sensors, in general, can just fail without warning. And often they do. Pretty frustrating, too. It was running, now it isn’t. Try a web search to see if this is common on Prado diesels and/or an easy fix.

I agree with Mustangman because anything mechanical or electronic can fail without notice. Just like a light bulb…it’s there one second and gone the next.

I wonder why a diesel engine management system – since there’s no ignition system presumably – would need to know the crank angle? Maybe just to sense rpm I guess.

Is there a drivability symptom associated with this problem OP? Or is it just that the check engine light came on?

Injection(s) are precisely timed to crank angle.

Ok, that makes sense @insightful … thanks for the follow-up.