2007 Odyssey problem with A/C blower

My 2007 Honda Odyssey has problems with the A/C blower. When I turn the AC on, the vents have nice cold air coming from the passenger side if the car, but the driver side is warm. It’s not until about 20 minutes in, that the drivers side finally cools to the right temperature. Both drivers side and passenger side temperatures are synced together at the same temperature on the dash panel.
Why would this happen? Isn’t there just one compressor and one blower mechanism??

Your car has zoned climate control, so there are control baffles to adjust the temperature on either side. The one for the driver’s side is obviously malfunctioning. There should be a way to retrieve diagnostic codes from the climate control system to determine the problem. A shop that specializes in Hondas probably knows.


you might be low on charge. Uneven temperatures are sometimes cause by a low charge. Taking too long to cool is also caused by a low charge.

I like both answers, but db4690 is more likely. You are probably low on Freon.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I like your ideas. Guess I’ll have to take it to someone who’s got the right diagnostic tools to figure it out. :slight_smile:

Cold pass side a/c immediately? At idle? Sounds like good a/c charge to me. Check evap in/outlet under hood. You can do that? Does the outlet pipe feel cold?