2007 nissan versa won't start

sometimes my 2007 nissan versa won’t start. it turns over, but just won’t start. sometimes it’s just fine.

The first step is to find out, when it won’t start, if it is lacking fuel or spark. You can get a spark tester and can of starting fluid from an auto parts store. The spark tester will tell you about spark. Use the starting fluid to find out about fuel.

Please give us more information, including:

Current odometer mileage
Whether the car is still under waranty
Whether the Check Engine Light is illuminated
The ambient temperature when the no-start condition takes place
Maintenance history (in detail, rather than meaningless statements such as “it has been well-maintained”)

it’s got about 47,000 miles
warranty expired
no check engine light
temp. 40-50 when won’t start
regular oil changes are only maintenance I’m aware of

“regular oil changes are only maintenance I’m aware of”


I suggest that you check the maintenance schedule that came with the car in order to see what may have been skipped. While the spark plugs are not yet due for replacement, an air filter that has not been changed in 47k miles is definitely overdue for replacement. The fuel filter may also be overdue. While the car is in the shop, have a load test performed on the battery also.

Even if the maintenance schedule does not list it, you should also change your transmission fluid every 3 yrs/30k miles. Even though the trans fluid had nothing to do with a no-start problem, it is something that should not be ignored.

This car may just be the victim of poor maintenance.