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2007 Nissan Maxima won't start

I have a 2007 Nissan Maxima and after changing the oil added Lucas Oil Stabilizer and when I went to start the car the engine shook for about 3 seconds and I was unable to start it again. Towed it to Nissan service and they said codes came up as the camshaft sensors were bad and engine was flooded and need to dry them out before testing it out. So on Monday I received a call from the service manager and he told me that they tried replacing the camshaft sensors but it would not start. He then said that his technions working on the car believe the timing chain jump causing vavles to get bent. Cause the engine has 107k the will not repair my car and recommend a new engine. I informed the service manager I find it hard to believe that any vavles could have gotten bent with the engine running only 3 seconds and had my car towed back to my house. I tried replacing the crankshaft shaft sensor and it still will not start. So before I attempt to open the timing chain cover wanted to see if the timing chain could have jumped only running for 3 seconds and to see if it might be something else? Still don’t understand why after adding the oil stabilizer to the oil it would had stalled out like that when it was running so good and starting up with no problems. I read on line that Nissan has had many issues with their timing chain guides wearing out but can’t see how the oil stabilizer would effect the guide. Thanks

What exactly is this “oil stabilizer” ? Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer ? one quart?

You can have valve damage in well less than 1 second if the timing chain/belt is off. IF this is an interference engine.

Idle is 700 rpm. 11 revs per sec. It ran for 3 sec. Do the math

Get in line…

My guess, the Lucas product wasn’t involved. Provided the oil you used met the specs for this engine and was filled properly and the filter was working correctly, this was about to happen anyway. Just a coincidence.

BTW, what was your motivation for adding the Lucas product in the first place? Were you already noticing engine problems?