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Broken timing chain/belt on 95 Nissan Maxima?

95 nissan maxima decelerated on highway, i heard a clunking sound, and then it shut off, i opened the hood and it smelled like burnt rubber. Checked all of the belts i could see…no problems. Car wouldn’t start after this…and all i could hear was a clicking sound. Pulled 6 codes for the car including bad speed sensor and a misfire, as well as bad EGR…i think the timing chain/belt broke…but i can’t access it…any suggestions?

It has a timing chain, so I couldn’t tell from the Gates timing belt site whether you have an ‘interference’ engine. If it is the chain, it’ll either be expensive (non interference) or very expensive (interference) to fix. You’ll need to get it towed to a shop. You might look for a Nissan forum and ask there, as far as whether it’s an interference engine.

It is an interference engine…so if it was the timing chain then the engine is gonna be severely damaged internally. I couldn’t find any other problems when it broke down on the highway. But before that happened it had been sputtering up hills, and misfiring. I’d like to know how to remove the timing chain cover in order to check and see if it was the chain that broke or not…

I think you’re guessing at what the problem is. Symptoms you described don’t sound like a broken timing chain.

Was the chain making any noise? Do you change your oil regularly??? How many miles on engine??
Timing chains can break…but usually after 250k miles…and they usually start to make noise before that. Chains are more likely to slip instead of break.