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2007 Mini Cooper Noise and Transmission

I took my car in for an oil change and they said I should get the fuel injector and upper intake manifold and valve cleaning treatment. When I picked up the car I noticed a rattle or low pitched ticking sound coming from under the hood. The car has an automatic transmission and the noise frequency increases and decreases with the rpm’s. It only happens with the car in “drive”. For the seasoned followers, it sounds like the sound we got from fastening baseball cards onto our bike frames to make noise as the wheels turned - just describing the sound. When I took it back to the Mini dealership in Phoenix (who shall remain anonymous), they said I needed a new transmission. For $11,000.00. That is the truth. I have it in writing. Any ideas besides a different repair shop? Thanks.

I REALLY hope that you checked the level of both the motor oil and the transmission fluid after the oil change.

If the place that changed your oil drained your transmission, rather than the engine’s crankcase, that could explain everything, and–trust me–that type of mistake does happen, especially at quicky oil change places.

Have you verified that both the engine and the transmission are filled to the proper level with the correct lubricant?

Good point. That would be bad. Make sure you document whatever is found because they no doubt have insurance to pay for screwups like that.
Those grease monkey places are to cars what Captain Ahab is the whales, I tell ya.

Call an attorney…

I’m sorry to say but it does happen talk to an attorney