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Mini Cooper-ticking sound when car is stopped

I have a 2004 5-speed Mini Cooper. I’ve noticed that sometimes when the car is stopped at a light it’ll start ticking like a clock. The ticking sound is coming from the back of the car and possibly from the passenger side. Anyone have any ideas?

Normally these ticking sounds are from the exhaust system cooling down. Most of the cars I’ve owned did this. However, it could be something else on your car. I would get it checked out by a knowledgeable mechanic (not a tire chain) to verify what it is.

Does the sound seem to come from near the gas cap area? I have a Passat and a Rabbit that have a similar sound at times. Somewhat like a solenoid activating/deactivating. Get it checked, but it is probably related to the emission control system.

It’s the EVAP leak detection pump. My Mini does it too, it’s normal.