2007 Mercury Mountaineer vibrations

We recently purchased a new 2007 Mercury Mountaineer.

We noticed an immediate vibration coming up through the body at highway speeds (65-75mph).

The dealership has rebalanced the tires (twice), replaced the tires, checked the circumference of the tires and run the vehicle through an EVA? test to check for vibrations. Don’t have the outcome of that test yet.

The dealership also drove one other 2008 Mountaineer model with the same engine and drive tain and it too had a vibration at highway speeds.

This morning, a Ford Motor Co. representative from Boston drove my 2007 car and another 2008 Mountaineer from the lot and told the dealership and myself that essentially this is “normal charactoristics” for the vehicle. I can not believe the vibrations we feel are normal for this car!

We traded in a 2004 Mountaineer that had the V6 all-wheel drive system very similar to the 2007 and it did not have the “normal charactoristics” the new car has.

I’m getting the feeling that this individual from the Boston office is attempting to wash Ford Motor Company’s hands of the issue.

Any ideas?

  1. Become familiar with the terms of the “Lemon Law” in your state.
  2. Keep taking it back, with a request to remedy the vibration problem, be sure to have your complaint documented each time, and request a copy of the documentation. (This is time-consuming, but necessary. Also try to remain civil!)
  3. Contact the “Boston office” via certified mail, and inform them that you intend to invoke the Lemon Law if the problem is not remediated after the number of repair attempts that are allowed under your state’s Lemon Law.