Steerind wheel vibrates



My 1999 Mercury Mountaineer shakes violently.

WHAT HAPPENED: The truck was being hosted up on to a flat bed tow truck. When my neighbor came out and said his son-in-law could fix the starter himself (he put himself through collage being a mechanic). Okay, so off goes my truck and into the neighbors drive way where we put in a new starter. The next day my husband takes the truck ten miles down the road and onto the freeway. As he accelerates on to the freeway everything is fine then he hit freeway speed and the steering wheel starts shaking uncontrollably. Next thing we know the trucks towed back to the house. Where it is sitting waiting for us to figure out what has happened. Please help us find a solution to the shaking.


There’s not near enough info to even wild guess.

Are you saying the truck started running badly and then died completely? Will it start and run now? If it runs, does it run badly? Does the starter motor even crank over?
Does the exterior lighting and the dash warning indicators work?

If the answer is pretty much “no” to this stuff then one would guess that a battery cable or connection may be loose.
Has anyone raised the hood yet?


Okay, the car runs just fine. We have a new battery, a new starter, and ALL the lights and bells and everything work. Now our problem is this: When the truck got to freeway speed 55-65 mph the steering wheel shook so bad that we had to pull over and have the car towed home. This morning when I went to move it off the street it drove fine at 10mph when I turned left it shook, when I turned right it shook. Driving straight wasn’t a problem if I stayed under 20 mph. Then it vibrates so bad I won’t drive it. Does this help?