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Want a Newer Car that rides like a 1998 Buick Lesabre or better!

Looking for recommendations. Have been driving Buick Lesabres for over 20 years. Every time I test drive a new car the ride sucks. I would really like a newer car with modern features…navigator, sync, blind spot etc but I want the comfort and ride I get from my trusty 18 year old Buick Lesabre with full size tires. I don’t have the time to go see every car on the market, so looking for recommendations here. Thanks.

How much are you willing to spend? This tells us if you can afford a new car or are looking at a used one. I think you are looking at full size cars to get that same ride. New cars like the Toyta Avalon, Chrysler 300, and Chevrolet Impala come to mind. You didn’t mention reliability and that would cut the list a bit.

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Most new cars in your size class have as large or BIGGER tires than your Buick.

The closest to your Buick would be a Toyota Avalon; lots of leg room, good ride and very reliable. My choice would be a Toyota Camry, which has been called “a jJpanese Buick!”. And it’s the most reliable spacious car you can buy.

Another car you may like is a Ford Fusion, fairly quiet, good ride.

All the above will give a good ride and have sufficient inside space.

Good Luck!

The OP did not list what vehicles they have looked at. Could be they are looking at the wrong class of vehicles.
This is a good example for someone to use the build it yourself feature that most manufactures have.

How about a Chevy Impala . . . it’s certainly big enough, and roughly in the same class as that LeSabre

I’ll admit I have no clue as to the reliability, and I’ve never driven one

I agree an Avalon should also be a good choice. Size andCamry reliability. But I haven’t sat in one or driven one

The Ford Fusion is big enough, I suppose but the seating position isn’t what you would expect for a car in that size range . . . that’s all I’ll say. I was looking for one to buy for my mom a few months ago. And the seats IMMEDIATELY ruled it out

I suspect OP is worried about the relatively low aspect ratio tires that modern cars are equipped with.

I think the Ford Taurus is bigger than the Fusion, and worth a look. Toyota Avalon, Chevy Caprice should be decent replacements too.

I’m not sure what the magic is about the ride of a '98 LaSaber, are you looking for a floaty little feel for the road sort of ride? Most new cars are set up to feel more connected to the road.

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How about one of the last Buick Lucernes. Production apparently only ended in 2011

I believe it had the 3.8 and 3.9, depending on the model years

Should theoretically have a nice, soft ride, if that’s what you’re after

Try a Lexus ES350 with base size wheels. You’ll want to make sure any car you look at has the base wheels, not the larger optional wheels with lower-profile tires. Try a Camry LE or XLE, avoid the SE and XSE models. Buy the Consumer Reports new car buyers guide, look for cars they note to be quiet and/or smooth riding.

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As others have said, the list could get long pretty fast. We need budget, new vs old and also make preferences. Would OP be happy with anything other than a Buick?

I have a 2005 Camry and it really feels like a Le Sabre, quiet, bouncy and all over the place as fat as handling goes :smiley:

Right! Some really good cars are noisy, such as the Honda Accord and the Mazda 6. I would avoid those. Equally the Nissan Altima is not in the same league as the Camry.

db4690: I think you discovered the OPs concern. Low aspect ratio tires (45) ride much harsher than 65s.

Thank you for all the past replies. I tried to start a new post but can’t figure out how, so I am adding to this post in hope of receiving new replies. I’m still looking for recommendations. Have been driving Buick Lesabres for over 20 years. I would really like a newer car with modern features…navigator, sync, blind spot etc but I want the comfort and ride I get from my trusty 20 year old 1998 Lesabre Custom that has full size tires. I purchased a Ford Fusion Hybrid in 2012 and the driver seat about killed my back (and the passenger seats are even worse) and the ride is quite harsh. Also it sits low so you fall into the seats and literally have crawl out. I would have traded it away in a heartbeat but my husband liked it and kept for his own. But if we have far to travel together I insist on the old Buick. I have called many dealers to see what they have in a full size vehicle that gives a smooth cushioned ride available with a standard 65 tire; they say “none” because low profile tires are the new standard because it lets drivers feel more “connected” to the road. Well I do NOT want to feel connected to the road; I’m a granny not a race car driver. So I am asking for recommendations. Would like to spend less than $35K but might be persuaded to spend a bit more if I was thrilled. I want a smooth cushy ride with seats you don’t have to climb out of because your butt in sunk in a hole (Ford Fusion), probably a 65 tire, and the new safety features. Hope someone has some good suggestions. Thanks for reading.

Well since you have not done anything for two years I have 2 thoughts. 1. Do week end rentals of cars you might be interested in so you can take long drives and enter and exit several times 2. Wait until after the new year and attend a new car show and you can see almost everything being sold in your area .

Frankly myself I don’t want anything that rides and drives like and old Buick but what ever floats your boat.

That is actually a perfect description of the ride quality of the Buicks of yesteryear…a land yacht that floats along, rather than actually providing safe handling/road holding characteristics.


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Full size sedans: Toyota Avalon, Chevrolet Impala, Buick LaCrosse, and Chrysler 300. You can get all of them for less than $35,000. Drive them all and see if any of them work for you.

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Please don’t exaggerate too much

OP has a 1998 Buick, not a 1952 Buick


You might try looking into a small to mid sized SUV instead of a car.

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Thanks for the replies. I suspect those who don’t want anything that rides like a Buick are either too young to have experienced the pleasure or are just to stuck on having a late model ride. My Buick is in prime condition, fully loaded, runs very well, has no rust and only 45K original miles on it. I still have it maintained by my dealer who says it is sound. So though I would like some of the newer safety features that desire will not override my requirement for a comfortable seat and ride. That said, I have been renting cars here and there for a week at a time, but so far only American brands. All of the new Buicks (and most of the others) have jacked up rears (yes I have heard of aero dynamics) that are to see out of. I hated the Impala, and the Chrysler 300 has some weak possibilities. This spring I will reach out to other brands and mid size suv… My main reason for inquiring at this time was just in case someone out there understood what I was looking and happened to know what might fit the bill. Thanks again to all who responded.

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Sadly, you aren’t going to find seats like what your Buick has nor as good driver outward visibility due to car body shapes.

Your renting various vehicles for extended trial driving is a smart move. Also, if you can attend an auto show, as was suggested, you can get a feel for ease of entering and exiting various cars, relative seat comfort or discomfort, outward visibility through windows and via the mirrors, etc.

As others have noted, to get the sort of ride you prefer you need to avoid low profile tires and to do that you will need to get a fairly base level car in most brands.

I can sympathize, a few years back I had to give up having a bench seat with a column shifter, as those were no longer available in a sedan style car, and settle for bucket seats with a center console shifter. I found a nice car that works well for me, a Toyota Camry LE, but still miss what for me was the better comfort of a bench seat.

Good luck. Hope you find a car you can be comfortable with.