2007 Mercedes-Benz R-Class - Oil cooler leak

Oil leak in oil cooler

Is it leaking from oil cooler to engine compartment and dripping oil on ground? Some oil coolers have an engine coolant supply. If that type, if there’s a leak it can provide a path from coolant into crankcase oil, and that would be very bad news and must be addressed asap.

You REALLY should fix that immediately! Bring LOTS of money.


Let me see…fix oil cooler leak today or replace engine tomorrow…


I recently had a PS fluid leak at the cooler of my 2007 Town and Country van. Fortunately heard the changes in the PS sound before anything was ruined (knock on wood.) Topped up the fluid, diagnosed the leak, and let the van sit until I installed an OEM cooler that I ordered on line. The van is back to enjoying its golden (over 195,000 miles) years.

Yeah, you don’t want to lose those vital fluids!

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Aftermarket engine oil coolers can be found for $50 to $110. OEM for $314.

Same problem with Lexus vehicles, oil cooler leaks, low oil level warning message is displayed, vehicle is towed in with no damage.