Oil leak on a 2007 impala 3900 v6

Went in due to the check engine light coming on and found out I had a oil leak in both oil cooler lines they wanted to charge me 350 per line and 200 for labor which brings the total to 900. Are they over charging me if not is there a cheaper fix for them? Btw I’m in Chicago if that matters

I would get a second opion and nothing is cheap in Chicago

Are you talking about your transmission?

To be honest I don’t know all I know is it’s a hose that runs from the front part to the bottom and he showed me it was leaking and said it was called the oil cooler lines.

From the front part of what to the bottom of what. I don’t think this car came with an oil cooler but it is possible that it is aftermarket. Have you had it since new?

The only lines that carry oil that I know of are the transmission oil cooler lines that go from the transmission to the bottom of the radiator and the power steering lines.

Have you noticed any oil drops under your car? Are you loosing any oil? Are you loosing any transmission fluid?

If the assumption is made, right or wrong, that transmission cooler lines are the issue then it might not hurt to get another opinion or two; and do not run the trans fluid low or it will be game over.

ALLDATA shows several TSBs out for the transmission on these cars in relation to cooler line flushing, vent leaks, left side axle seal leaks, etc.

It would be interesting to know if the car has gone through a transmission flush procedure before.

It doesn;t really matter whether it’s an oil cooler line, and it might be if the car hhas a “tow package”, or an oil cooler line. If it’s really leaking it needs to be fixed ASAP. Nake an appointment with a reputable local owned and operated shop and have them look at it. In the meantime, check your oil and your tranny fluid levels IAW the instructions in the owner’s manual. If the tranny fluid is low, have it towed to the shop. That fluid is thin and can disappear fast. If the oil level is low, bring it up to level and monitor it until you get the car chacked.

Or it might not have an oil leak at all, just an unscrupulous mechanic that squirted a little oil on a line in order to scare the customer into an expensive and unnecessary repair. That why I asked if the OP was loosing any oil or seeing any evidence of a leak.