2007 Lincoln Town Car's temperamental power steering

When the deer in the headlights turned out to not be a figure of speech and totaled our car, we acquired a 2007 Lincoln Town Car, 65k miles. Now, 10k later, the power steering has become temperamental: sometimes full power, sometimes one-half. Our mechanic tried changing the fluid and added some commercial concoction. Alas, the problem continues. What is going on? What do we need done? What needs to be changed out, re-built or what? And for how much? (Remember, Lincoln’s head only made it to the penny and face to the dollar bill.) Gil

If the pump has not failed… and they don’t usually fail intermittently. The steering rack is the likely culprit.

A rebuilt rack is about $2-$300, I don’t know the labor needed to replace it and then align the car afterwards. If you are concerned about the cost, accidents can be far more costly. This is one of those problems that cannot be put off until later to repair. Either fix it or stop driving the car.