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2007 Kia Rondo - Hood won't open

Anyone with a rondo can’t open there hood?

Seriously , why even care about anyone else that can’t open the hood on an 11 year old vehicle. Any good body shop can solve this and repair what is broken and you are done.

Because the chuckle heads at KIA, wanted a couple hundred bucks to look at it.

This is not a dealer type repair. I had the release cable on our old GMC Sonoma break and a local body shop opened the hood and replaced cable for about 100.00 dollars.

You have an 11 year old vehicle…I wouldn’t take it to the dealership for anything! (except for a safety recall, but the odds of that on an 11 year old vehicle is low)

I do want to thank you, never thought of a body shop.

Have someone push down on the hood a couple of times while you hold the hood release. The latches on my 2003 Taurus and 1993 Caprice tend to stick and a couple of good bounces usually pops the hood loose.

Ed B.

I had a hood release problem on my Corolla recently. Once I got it to finally release all it took was a little lube on the release ass’y to get it working like new again. Getting it opened in the first place was a challenge. What finally worked was figuring out a way to hold the lever in the passenger compartment in the “open” position while I pulled this way and that on the cable near the latch mechanism from under the car with a pair of long nose pliers, and a bouncing motion applied to the top of the hood. I think I used a pair of long nosed forceps too now I think of it. One of those dentist mirrors helped to see how that cable routed to the latch. What I learned from all this is to lube the latch mechanism at every oil change. Afterward I lubed the latch on my truck, and what a difference that made. Works like new again. As things start to gunk up I guess we don’t notice b/c it changes so slowly.