2007 Jeep Liberty 4 wheel drive

I had stopped into dealer to schedule oil change…Service manager noticed I had car in 4 wheel drive - he told me if the roads are dry and I should not use 4wheel that it will damage car. 2 years ago mechanic there told me to put into 4wheel and leave it there all winter (I live in Minnesota) Just curious if anyone has any advice !! HELP. I only have 15000 miles on the jeep and no problems so far.

It depends on the 4 wheel drive system on the jeep. The more advanced one lets the driver keep it in 4wd on dry road at the expense of mpg. The part time 4wd system should not be use on dry roads and will damage the drivetrain.

I suggest you open the Owner’s Manual and find out which system is on your Liberty and take it from there. I have the option of leaving my 2000 Blazer in Auto 4Hi on dry or wet roads (only engages the front wheels if rear wheel slippage is detected) but I lose 2-3 mpg. I leave mine in 2wd until needed.

Ed B.