2007 Infiniti M35 - 3rd Broken seat

The driver side seat is defective. This is the third seat that has been replaced. The weld breaks and causes the seat to lean to rtight side. No more Infiniti products.

Compared to general population, is your weight below average, about average, or above average?


Just a thought… If it was my vehicle, I would weld the bracket myself instead of buying new seats. you can probably find a welding shop near you to weld it if you cannot do it yourself. you would probably need to remove the seat and bring it to them.
this link shows you how someone made the repair on a M45. if it is not the same area where it is broken on your vehicle, your seat still can be welded where it is broken to fix your seat

HOW-TO - HOW TO: Repair broken seat bracket 2007 M45 sport. | (infinitiscene.com)

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About average, 205lbs.

You are definitely right OP, for a driver of average weight (& presumably car driven in average driving conditions), wouldn’t expect seat breakage to be a common thing. I had a co-worker friend years ago who had to repair/replace his econo-box car’s seat from time to time, but he was a very big guy, not really overweight, just big. Looked like an NFL linebacker. Some of the staff kidded him, referred to him as “Mr. Too Tall”, as in the famous Dallas Cowboy’s linebacker of the era, Too Tall Jones.

I looked this problem up on safercar.gov. There are numerous complaints about seat failures like yours. There are no manufacturer’s communications about it though. You should assume that any new seat will fail the same way since so many have failed before. If you get it welded, maybe you could have a doubler welded alongside the seat brace weld to strengthen it. The doubler has to be in a position that won’t inhibit seat movement though. A body shop or auto upholstery shop is equipped to remove the seat, make the weld, put it back and test the seat for free movement.

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Is driver seat frame built same as pass seat frame?

Just re weld it and reinforce it a little. The aluminum in my riv was pretty thin and broke several times and I fixed it. Finally just got a new base at a u pull for about $20.