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2007 Hyundai Tucson - Diesel burns oil

My hyundai tucson mk1 it’s used 1 litre of oil in the last 500 miles it’s a 2.0 diesel.

How many miles/km are on it? How often do you change the oil? A liter/quart in 500 mi. is up there but not as severe as it could be.

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Well, then you should be checking your oil VERY frequently! And start planning for a new engine or a new car.

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If it’s not leaking it’s likely burning it. You have not stated how many miles on the car but a compression test might be in order. And it will require the use of a diesel compression tester. A regular gasoline engine tester will not work.

That is something I have been wondering I know how to do a compression test on a gas engine but how is it tested on a diesel?

try using a heavyer grade of oil that is mean,t for diesel engines shell rotalla 10w 40 might be hard to start in winter but plug it in good lock jim