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2007 Honda Pilot

I’m considering purchasing a 2007 Honda Pilot 4wd with 30K from a Honda dealer. It’s a “certified pre-owned vehicle” and has a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty as well as power train until 2014.

We like to configuration of the vehicle but don’t know much about the Pilots general quality.

Any thoughts on this vehicle?

Overall, the 2007 Pilot is rated by Consumer Reports as “much better than average” in terms of reliability.
This means that the percentage of 2007 Pilot owners who reported mechanical problems in CR’s surveys was very low.

Earlier Pilots had serious transmission issues, and were also subject to broken motor mounts.
I have to assume that these issues were rectified by 2007 in order for so few people to have reported problems with their vehicle.

They are generally excellent on road vehicles with better handling than the body on frame models. Almost anything (couple of exceptions) Honda makes is solid, long lasting and well regarded. Honda owners are justifiably loyal, but you pay higher prices for them. Neighbor has his second and they love them.

The broken motor mount issue was in 2004 and was fixed by the time the 2005 model year started. MSN Autos (Intellefix) finds no unusual issues in the 2007. Edmunds likes them, too. They rate repairs as comparable to the Toyota Highlander, but maintenance cost estimates are almost 30% less.

Quality is decent on Honda’s in general.

If you like it go for it. Great warranty if things crop up anyway.