Honda Pilot

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot. I just completed the 100,000 mile service on it. What is the highest millage you have ever seen or heard of on a Honda? I understand that the 2004 Honda Pilot are great cars and were built to last for years to come. Any thoughts?

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A friend bought a well maintained 2006 or 2007 for his teen daughter a few years ago with 220 K miles on it. Last I checked it was still going.

WOW!! What kind of Honda is it?
That gives me hope cause my pulley, harmonic balancer and compressor went caput. Any thoughts on this? I have 125,000 on it now. Do you think I am safe to keep driving it after this is fixed?

Karen you have a vehicle that is 18 years old and it seems you have had problems with it so only a shop can answer if it is worth keeping because no one on the web can see or drive it. I guess you sold the Nissan . Sorry , but just because some Hondas went a lot of miles does not mean yours will . I would start a separate saving account just to have for repairs or if you save enough use for a good down payment on a replacement vehicle should this one die.

You are right. I will ask my Honda mechanic what he thinks. I don’t want a lot of problems down the road. I have babied this car, changed the oil regularly, and completed the 100,000 miles service and now this! This should not be happening just a little over 100,000.

Anything can happen at 100,000 miles. It’s impossible to determine longevity of any specific brand. Hondas of the 2006 era may be found stastically better than the 2011 era. Or more importantly a car that has been well maintained will generally outlast one that hasn’t been.

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Well I dumped my Buick that had 500,000 on it. The thing is, you can never depend on a car with high mileage. Everything wears and there is little way a mechanic can determine if something will break or not without doing disassembly and Xrays. If you want to drive a car with a lot of miles, be prepared for unexpected failures. Otherwise a newer model is a better option. I always carried tools and spare parts like a computer. Still had a few tows on it. Best you can do is play the odds.

Honda’s can go well past 200,000 but you’ll still have to fix something once you cross 100,000 miles on any car. My aunt had a 88 CRX that had 225,000mi+ and ran great, the body from the doors back was rust held together by paint.

All cars wear things out. The harmonic balancer likely failed because the AC compressor put too much load on it while it was failing. As long as the engine… the most expensive part… is still good any other repair is less.

I spent $1300 for a new compressor and parts for the AC system for my 140k mile Chevy truck that I bought new. The engine and transmission are perfect so it was well worth the repair. I fixed a leak in the 4wd transfer case for $1000 that was a design flaw… again worth the repair and both were cheaper than a new truck.

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Don’t forget to replace the timing belt every 7 years or 105,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you buy a used Honda with a V6, make sure the belt was changed (e.g., see the receipt) or get it done promptly when age or mileage dictates. This includes 14 and 21 year old vehicles as well as those with over 200,000 miles on them.


350k miles on our 1996 Accord. We gave it to our niece when it had over 250k miles as she started college. She gave it to her younger brother 4 years later when he started college. They finally sold it 3 years after that. Still running strong.

For any vehicle to last a long time you MUST keep up on the maintenance. Maintenance is key.

Hondas can have fragile automatic transmissions, so I would make sure the fluid is changed every 30-50k with Honda brand, not just ‘compatible’, fluid.


Additionally, this model has a history of motor mount and transmission mount problems, so I strongly suggest that the OP have her mechanic check those mounts whenever she brings it in for oil changes & such.


I’m thinking the design flaw was the issue commonly referred to as “pump rub”. What was the $1k fix? Another transfer case?

You are generalizing too much in regard to your Honda Pilot. It’s 17 years old and none of us know the maintenance history at all.

The transmission should have been serviced 3 times already at a minimum.
Timing belt kit way, way overdue if it’s never been done.
Valve lash adjustment is past due unless already performed.


@Scrapyard-John … The NG 246 transfer case rubs through thin casting under a thrust bearing washer. Makes a pinhole leak. Apparently a common problem with these T-cases.

The fix is a new rear case half…and the aftermarket makes them in an improved version that is thicker. A rebuilt T-case was quoted at $2500 even though I told the shop what I wanted them to do. Another local shop actually listened and got the job.

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