2007 Honda Odyssey


I have been told by the dealer that it is “normal Operation” for the a/c to blow hot air upwards of 90degrees when you come to a stop light and idle for 1-2 minutes. Heat outside is between 90-100degrees usually med to high humidity. I have looked under the hood and the from of the engine is 2 cooling fans one on the left one on the right as you are facing the front of the vehicle head on. the one on the right is running constantly the one on the left does not run at all. I have also had a rash of the headlights blowing and the high beams flashing off and on by themselves and the fog lights staying on after the vehicle is off. I have taken it to the dealer several times for this already. 2007 Honda Odyssey Ex-L with DVD. 20K miles. Any Ideas. Thanks

Marc San Antonio TX.