2007 Honda Odyssey

I have been told by the dealer that it is “normal Operation” for the a/c to blow hot air upwards of 90degrees when you come to a stop light and idle for 1-2 minutes. Heat outside is between 90-100degrees usually med to high humidity. I have looked under the hood and the from of the engine is 2 cooling fans one on the left one on the right as you are facing the front of the vehicle head on. the one on the right is running constantly the one on the left does not run at all. I have also had a rash of the headlights blowing and the high beams flashing off and on by themselves and the fog lights staying on after the vehicle is off. I have taken it to the dealer several times for this already. 2007 Honda Odyssey Ex-L with DVD. 20K miles. Any Ideas. Thanks

Marc San Antonio TX.

The operation of the cooling fans has nothing to do with the output of the A/C ducts. True, you may not get the same cold blast at idle as you would at higher engine speed, but all North American sold cars have enough output to keep you cool in Florida or Texas. Your dealer is giving you the runaround; go to another one or a specilaty A/C shop. It could be you are low on refrigerant. A Honda Odessey should put out a good blast of cold air when functioning properly.

When I was overseas in the tropics, my colleague bought his wife a Fiat with A/C, which did not perform at all. The dealer’s excuse was that the A/C was not designed “for a tropical country”. In this case the unit was too small, and like everything else on a Fiat, substandard.

this is not normal,

both fans should be running at the stated temps,due to the pressure within the system.

find a new dealer

some new fan systems are variable(but none the less they should both be on to some capacity.

good luck.

I agree with the others that this is not normal. You should be able to sit and wait for a long coal train to pass and do it in air conditioned comfort.

While Honda A/C capacity is traditionally somewhat undersized for their vehicles, you should not be experiencing what you have reported. In high temperature conditions, and particularly when the A/C is running, both radiator cooling fans should be running, thus leading me to believe that you have some problems with this vehicle. And, sitting at a traffic light should not cause your A/C to blow 90 degree air! Add in the problems that you reported with your lights, and it does sound like you have issues with this vehicle.

That being said, your current dealer is “sandbagging” you, and is not to be trusted. Either take the vehicle to a different Honda dealer or contact the Honda Zone Representative (contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual) in order to have these legitimate concerns dealt with.

Under the terms of your warranty, you have the right to a vehicle that is performing according to specifications, and clearly that is not the case at this point. Persist in a controlled, calm fashion and do not continue to accept the B.S. that is being dished out by the people at the dealership.

When you are told suchhard to believe system functions question it right then and there. Who would believe that it is “normal” for a AC system to blow hot air just because the car is stopped at a light? who could sell such a system?

To start with you have a defective dealer. Ask if they are willing to put that it is “normal Operation” in writing for you so you can send it to Honda.

The fan deal may be normal. With the A/C operating one fan in the engine compartment should be running. The second fan depends on the temperature of the engine coolant and it should cycle on and off.

I hope you are keeping records of all these visits. Visit //www.jdpower.com/cc/auto/bbb/lemon_law.jsp or http://www.lemonlawamerica.com/
and check out your rights under your local version of the lemon law. Keep coming in every week if needed until you have triggered the law.

It looks like there are 4 dealers in San Antonio. Find another and see if the story changes:


Got a call today after dropping the vehicle off yesterday morning. They say they have found the reason for the lights. I have been told that the relays for the fog light have been installed upside down. It was acting as a cup instead of a rubber cover. Water has got into the relay causing a short in the lighting system.(If so thanks Honda) Now still getting the same for the A/C! We shall see. I did call two of the other honda service departments and they stated No not normal operation and the other said Possible! So I am truely confused here I have a yes, no and maybe! More to follow!!!

We have a 2007 EX-L bought in late Aug. 2007. We will be bringing it to our local Honda dealer for the second time as the a/c fan has quit once more. We have less than 10,000 miles on it.

I googled “2007 Honda Odyssey defective a/c” and found a website for a lawsuit which will give you a little bit more proof that you are not alone in having a defective a/c fan on your Odyssey. Before you sign up with any lawsuit, I suggest you research it a bit more with lemon laws, as I will be doing so.