2007 Honda Fit - Running lights

Last year my car had a problem with the running lights taking turns not lighting up (not the actual turn signals). After checking fuses & replacing them & replacing one of the light bulbs then both running lights worked for a while & then would intermittently work one at a time - kind of like super slow holiday lights. In the process of checking out this problem it was discovered my high beams didn’t work. Long story short the shop kept my car from 8:30 am until after 4 pm & charged me about $380. The day before that they estimated it would only take approximately 2 hrs to fix the problem.
I retired 7 years ago & my only income is social security benefits. I wonder if I was overcharged?

What part of ESTIMATED didn’t you understand ?

Here in Michigan, if the repairs are going to be more than 10% more than the written estimate, they are required by law to get pre approval from the customer before proceeding. Check your states rules.