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2007 Honda Fit engine sounds like it's in overdrive all the time

I had the oil changed on my 2007 Honda Fit last weekend. Since that time, the engine sounds like it’s in overdrive or high gear all the time.
Even when stopped at a stop light, my car sounds like it’s racing. Should I be worried? I checked and there is transmission fluid and oil in the car.
Any advice is most appreciated! I should add, this is the first time I’ve had the oil changed, I just bought this car (used) about 2 months ago, from a certified Honda dealer. Thanks!

You need to get it checked out ASAP. This is not normal. You actually mean it sounds like it’s in first gear, not overdrive, right? The engine rpms are high?

Who did the oil change? Sounds like a vacuum line or some connector was knocked off and the tech didn’t notice it. Take it to the shop that did the oil change or back to the Honda dealer you bought it from.

I agree with texases and Uncle Turbo. This needs to be checked out ASAP. Have you checked the engine oil level?

Make my vote a 100% agreement with Texases and the others.

I concur w/the others here. Just a couple of thoughts …

By “sounding like it is in overdrive” do you mean the engine is racing? i.e. the engine rpm at idle is too high? If so, that should be easy for your mechanic to solve. But if you mean the engine is making weird noises after an oil change, that could be serious and continuing to drive the car might damage the engine. It’s hard to tell from what you say.

Using the term “overdrive” when you mean “high rpm”, you will confuse the mechanics who are trying to fix your car. “Overdrive” refers to an automatic transmission mode engaged only when the car is driven at higher speeds, not simply that the engine is idling at too high of rpm.

First thing, make sure the oil and xmission fluid levels are at normal fill level. Not too low, not too high. Check the viscosity of the engine oil by rubbing it between your fingers. Does it feel correct to you? If you have any question about the oil levels or if the fluid viscosity is correct, this needs immediate att’n.

Hopefully this is caused by the oil change mechanic accidentally knocking a wire or vacuum tube off. Or maybe they accidentally changed the engine rpm adjustment when leaning across the engine.

There’s other things that can cause a higher than normal engine rpm. Timing is too far advanced. Fuel pressure regulator problem. Leaky injectors or leaky cold start injector. Throttle butterfly valve sticking in throttle body. IAC failure. etc.

I’m having the same problem with my 2002 Honda Civic… I dont know why it sound like im racing whenever i push the gas. This sound is annoying and Im going get it checked out.