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2007 Honda Element heating/cooling system

2007.Blower motor not working. Replaced 2 fuses for blower motor and relay. Blower motor working. Horrible racket and steam coming from under car when I engaged car. I took the fuses back out. Air conditioner stuck on. I had to take the Compressor fuse out also. Car drives fine just have no heat/air. please help, I am not in a position for a large repair bill.

The vent system in your vehicle is very complicated. It works thru what is called a Controller Area Network or CAN

This means that all the computers/modules communicate with each other. And the Body Control Module is the gate keeper that allows this communication.

This isn’t going to be easy to track down. It’s going to require a factory scan tool or program to diagnose the CAN/BUS communication to figure out where the problem lies.


Thank you, tester