Alarm goes off, no key fob to silence it

I’ve had this '95 Dodge Intrepid for about six months. I have started it numerous times. Yesterday I ran it once, and locked the doors manually as usual. The power door locks do not ALL work. I may have hit the lock button. Sometimes I do out of habit. I don’t know if that makes a difference to the system. The next time I went to get into the car, the alarm went off, horn honking, lights flashing, you get the picture. I have a Jeep that did that once, and I got it to shut off by locking and unlocking the passenger front door rapidly three times. That didn’t work on the Dodge. I gave up and disconnected the battery. I hooked it up again a few minutes later, and it still honked. When it’s honking, it will start and run for maybe a second.

Is there a way to fix this without buying an expensive fob (or fobs) and having the dealer program it to the car?

When my key FOB was messed up on my 06 Charger I would have to get in the vehicle and quickly put the key in the ignition and cycle the ignition switch on then off before the alarm would shut off.


With some Subarus at least, cycling the ignition 3 times will deactivate the alarm. To get a replacement keyfob for a good price look on Ebay for one. There are plenty for sale there.

Do they have to be programmed by the dealer, or are they self programming like a Ford of that era?