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Used camry vs accord

Does anyone favor one of these autos over the other one.what year should I be looking for a used car ,like one of these.and does anyone think there is a better used car than the campy or accord in a similar price range.thank you very much

What year(s) are you looking at? In general Camry is softer ride and the Accord is tighter and has a more “sporty” feel. Some people find the Accord seats are not comfortable on longer trips.

The auto transmissions in used Accords are prone to failure if the previous owner didn’t have the transmission serviced regularly (ie every 50K miles minimum). Since many owners ignore auto transmission service it can be an expensive repair if you buy a used Accord.

When it comes to a used car there really is no “better” one based on the badge on the back of the car.
It all comes down to how it was driven and maintained. Maintenance can be a real iffy deal to determine because the vast majority of car owners do not keep a detailed log book about the upkeep and what someone says is often not the reality.

If you are open to other vehicles, you can find that, in general, looking at something else will get you a nicer, newer car with fewer miles. Accords and Camrys are highly recommended by publications like Consumer Reports, which makes them wildly popular and drives their price up. If you’re shopping late model cars, it’s hard to go wrong. Most anything on the market is safe and reliable. Service records and vehicle history is more important than make. I would rather have a well maintained and gently driven Chrysler or GM vehicle than a neglected and abused Honda or Toyota.

MARK9207 makes a strong point. The price is driven up on the vehicles you are describing but to compare the 2… A 4 cylinder Camry will run circles around a 4 cylinder Accord in longevity. After 130ish the Accord starts losing ground.

There are two real differences.

  1. Which one feels best to you. Only you can answer that one.

  2. Which one has had proper care and maintenance. That one is difficult to determine generally, but if the owner has a service history I would count that an a big plus.

Time Out!

I think we’re doing this backwards. Give us your price range and vehicle needs, first.

You’ll get much more meaningful advice this way. Also, folks can ask more questions to zero in on a good choice for you.

Any additional information as to how the car will be used would help. How many passengers, mpg objectives, miles driven per year, only vehicle (?), climate conditions, etcetera.

I just did the slightly used car purchase thing, so I might be able to help if you can kick in more info. Not everybody wants and needs the same thing.


What is your budget? If you are looking at under $4000 either will be well worn out or have some expensive maintenance lurking. Both the make/model on each command about a $2000 premium. So that does leave a lot of money a the bottom dollar cars.